PRP treatment

PRP or platelet-rich plasma treatments are a highly advanced form of cosmetic procedure. If you wish to find PRP treatment near me you might not get a lot of options except Allure Aesthetic.

We are a service provider for this complex and minimally invasive therapy. To undergo PRP treatment your first objective is to find out a professional who can carry out this intensive procedure. For this ideally, you need to visit a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon.

Why book a session for PRP treatment at Allure Aesthetic?

We are one of the best clinics that you can come to and book a session with the doctors and trained dermatologists for carrying out the procedure. The reason why our PRP treatment in Paschim Vihar is famous is that we help our customers guide through the process such that have some idea of the cosmetic process they will be going through.

Our doctors will enable you to know about the process after having an initial check-up, find out if there are any pre-treatments and surgeries that might be required, and even get you aware of the cost of undergoing the treatment. Based on the type of skin and other factors or existing problems we customize the treatment based on their individual needs.

choose us for a minimal recovery time

Undergoing PRP treatment at Allure Aesthetic is going to enable you to have a minimal recovery time and faster healing. There might be some minor irritation or redness of the skin but don’t forget the fact that our doctors will also guide you with DIY post-PRP recovery techniques.

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